Swinging Into Midnight CD Review

Swinging Into Midnight

Swinging Into Midnight of Pippa Wilson’s CD Review by George W Carroll – The Musicians’ Ombudsman, USA

The one thing about ”Down Under’s” Pippa Wilson and her vocal talents one can count on, is the fact that she compels us with her self assurance and confidence, bringing any CD project she tackles to fruition with a certain viability, expressiveness, and total continuity. Pippa delivers her music with a thought out homogeneity of form and a well developed sense of imagination and technique…………… Painting her songs with exquisite vocalise while she delivers her music to us with a magnificent scope of fineness in detail, feeling, and expression. In her unique ‘telegraphic’ style, Pippa Wilson is an unobtrusive and pliant jazz singer who serves her music with much musical emotion without fettering the composer’s intention either melodically, harmonically, or rhythmically. A true vocal savant, she is ours to keep. I relegate my readers to ‘enjoy’ her while we can.
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“Swinging Into Midnight” Review from “Jazz Line” by Ron Jobe

When I receive a C.D.by a vocalist, my instinct is to check on the backing musicians, because to me, that will set the standard for this concert.

I should not have worried because with Pippa, she always surrounds herself with what I believe are amongst the best in the business, led by the inimitable Helen Jowsey.

The first track “Meet me Midnight” sets the tone with the laid back vocal style of Pippa with solos by Helen, Vince, plus the throaty tenor/sax by Ron T. quality stuff.

It followed on from there with “I thought about you” with a superb trombone solo by Joe whom I first met a number of years ago at Noosa, he is a quality musician.

“Honey Suckle Rose” with Ron’s clarinet flitting through the track was a feature for me. A sympathetic performance which set the tone for Pippa’s melody.

With the 14 tracks on this disc, it would take too long to go through them all to describe the way Pippa has used her musicians to compliment her style, a lot of thought has gone into her arrangements, courtesy of Helen.

As you can see by my list of personnel, Helen swaps with Michael plus Neil with Dan on 4 tracks, but as I expected, there was no obvious varience with the musical quality.

One number that is completely different from the rest of the disc is ‘Help me Frank Sinatra “which was composed by a friend of Pippa, Rod Hulls, which is a play on a number of different recording artists with titles that they had made famous, cleverly done.

My only dissapointment was that there were no liner notes in the package regarding the music and the personnel which I like to peruse, but that is a minor critique.

For Pippa fans this is quite an enjoyable concert so I feel there could be quite a few new friends after listening to it.

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